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About Onyx for Professionals

In today's knowledge-based society, if you want to increase your quality of life, you need to learn new skills and knowledge.
We will train you to be a life-long learner. You will have the confidence to learn any skill you need to succeed in the classroom, upskill & change careers, or even start your own business— on your own schedule.
Now, you can learn the most crucial skill for our digital age. You will become a life-long learner, and once you understand the most efficient ways to learn, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

The Platinum Standard

We believe everyone deserves access to university-quality learning experiences. We also believe that everyone deserves to learn in a way that makes sense for them.

A New Approach to Academics

We provide personalized coaching and powerful educational resources with the world so that everyone can learn the skills they need to succeed in a career that they love.

A Pioneering Network

We teach our community members how to become lifelong learners so that their potential for success continues to grow throughout their entire lifetime.

Benefits for Onyx Professionals

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Full Access to Onyx Learner Academy & Onyx Institute

Online learning can be a pathway towards growth or a chaotic mess, depending on how you use it. Onyx Learner Academy provides you with lifelong learning courses in a wide variety of subject matter domains from design thinking to time management and mindfulness.
Take your learning journey deeper and study precisely designed learning pathways toward industry-recognized certifications and market valued skills & capabilities at Onyx Institute.
As with Onyx Learner Academy, we provide personalized coaching through the content refined to be individually relevant to your desired outcomes and learning goals.

  • Imagine having a university, available any time, anywhere, and directly devoted to you learning and developing new skills. Now stop imagining.

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Professional Development & Coworking Community

Our virtual reality collaboration & coworking campus is available for community events, lifelong learning workshops, professional training, and more. This campus is the center of our full spectrum of tools & technologies for member use.
All of our recommendations and partners focus on providing Education 3.0 products & services that are beautifully designed, thoughtfully built, and conveniently accessible.
Join us to connect with the present & future changemakers of the digital landscape, and bring a new level of innovation to your educational & professional experience.

  • Traditional professional development is siloed, isolated, and out of date. We are connected, global, and at the forefront of both utilizing and producing world-class research & developments.

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Quarterly Professional Planning Sessions

We are bombarded with information in this data-driven age, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. Our coaching will help you take charge of your own learning process.
Every 3-months, we meet with you to create a compelling and personalized learning & career plan by making the most of online resources to deepen your knowledge about any subject that interests you so that you can learn on your own.
The best thing about Onyx membership is that you can implement the concepts and develop learning independence that will deliver results in any field.

  • You will know precisely how to select which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and maximize your new talents as you take the next steps along your career pathway ready for success.

Ready to be a Master Learner?

In Ancient times, agriculture was the most valuable skill you could have. During the Industrial Revolution, it was using machines to automate labor.

Today, the most valuable skill is knowing how to learn new things.

Once you are a Master Learner, you will have the tools to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to succeed now and into the future. You will know how to learn without having to enroll in a university. With internet access, you will be able to control your own destiny. What are you waiting for?

About the Onyx Professional Network

From home to school, students to professionals, and business to home offices, the need for learning has never been stronger.
The knowledge-based global economy of today means that digital learning is critical for every level of society, and we have developed the timely & timeless approach that equips you to thrive. No matter your industry or focus, it's vital for you and your people to be ready for ever-changing problems.

The Platinum Standard of Education

Education 3.0 Training

Every learning stakeholder from the classroom to the boardroom deserves access to modern, evidence-based experiences.

Concierge-level Support

Onyx is a network devoted to professional and organizational success, personalized for every purpose.

Unique Technology Network

21st Century development requires novel approaches to utilizing the digital tools around us from mobile to XR and everything in between.

Ready for lifelong professional growth and development?

The Onyx University Community

About Onyx University

We utilize the Onyx Body of Knowledge to provide our Education 3.0 individual, group, and organizational training services ranging from single-session workshops to multi-year professional training & development overhauls for Onyx partners.