A Membership Like No Other.

Onyx Black is the premier membership for lifelong personal development - providing educational & growth opportunities for every purpose & every learner.

About Onyx Black

We provide lifelong learning opportunities and strategic personal development guidance for our growth-minded clients

Taking charge of your own progress is one of the most vital steps for success in today's age. The opportunities for growth & development are more present than ever before, and it's time to grab them.

Learning in the classroom is a core component of any educational story, but the story does not end there. The ability to continually acquire new information and capabilities is one of life's joys, and has been restricted from far too many in the days of the past.

We bring a unique educational approach to our members and provide digital-first opportunities for every purpose and learning need. With Onyx, you enter a world of efficient & effective lifelong learning for your personal, professional, and academic success.


The Onyx Network

We leave no stone unturned to bring you the latest and greatest of educational technologies, experiences and research

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Learning online should be an adventure, not a struggle

Onyx is an organization devoted to learning. Our founding values are Awareness, Access, and Advocacy - and we believe every learner can thrive.
We strive to provide the best available tools, resources, experiences, and outcomes for our Members by constantly staying up to date with the forefront of Education research and embedding our knowledge into every step of your journey.

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We provide learning that supplements your lifestyle

The digital world has changed how we learn forever. The phones in our pockets today are gateways to opportunity, if you know how to grasp it.
We are a mobile-first learning organization, anchored in the digital world and a network of learning environments. You are able to progress through our full learning experience on the go, wherever you are, at your convenience.

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Learning can no longer be contained in the classroom

You're never alone on the Onyx learning journey with personalized 1:1 coaching, a digital community of lifelong learners, and world-class academic support.
Every learner is unique, and so is every learning purpose. Our network of available learning experiences rooted in a core coaching system ensures that you have both individualized and institutional support at all times.

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We provide first-access to Education 3.0 insights

As leaders in the Education 3.0 Movement, we strive to ensure every member of Onyx has access to the world's best in Education resources & technologies.
Each Onyx experience includes learning content and supplemental resources curated by us in-house, and we do not charge for each updated edition. This ensures that our members have access to the best learning available at all times.

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Learning online should bring us together

We are a community of lifelong learners, centered around the goal of thriving in Education 3.0 through collaboration, partnership, and global connection.
Onyx members access a VR campus, mobile apps, web discussions, and many other channels for networking and making new connections. Experience learning like you've never seen before with our system & community.

Onyx for Learners


World-Class Courses

Masterfully crafted learning experiences that teach you not only what, but how & why for everything you want to know


Collaborative Learner Community

We are centered on an Education 3.0 community of learners, coaches, and innovators, striving for excellence


Always Available Advisement

Connect with a personal coach ready to provide you with world-class strategic guidance and academic support anytime

Onyx for Professionals

The problems of today require new approaches on an almost constant basis. The shelf-life of solutions shrinks year by year. It's time to embed lifelong learning & innovation into your professional development. Connect with the Onyx Education 3.0 Network and maximize your development & innovation potential with strategic mastery of the Art of Learning.

Skills Training

Training in specific industry-relevant skills

Career Coaching

Guidance for all stage of the professional journey

Portfolio Analysis

Development of a digital presence you can be proud of

Strategic Development

Targeted progression toward your every goal

Networking Events

Connect with Education, Wellness, and Tech Innovators

Member Savings

Member-exclusive rates from Onyx & our partners

Research & Insights

Information to equip you for the knowledge-based economy

Digital Coworking

A VR campus environment for collaboration & connection

Onyx Corps

Diversified Content Delivery

Provide your content through a cutting-edge mobile coaching app, world-class collaborative training management system, and one-of-a-kind mobile learning app.

Elevated Coaching Experience

Differentiate your offering with a coaching experience that is elegantly created through a network of technologies developed & designed for both form and function.

Pioneering Content Production

Onyx coaches utilize the same Education 3.0 technologies that we use to provide an academic experience like no other to provide training & support like no other.

  • What is Onyx Corps?

    Onyx Corps is the Onyx global community of coaches aimed at providing the best for the lifelong learning community. We are personal development coaches, teachers, professional trainers, designers, and practitioners of any kind working to share our knowledge for mutual growth, development, wellness, and success.

  • What are Onyx Corps requirements?

    Onyx Corps starts at the Apprenticeship level and does not have specific educational or experience requirements. One's rank upon joining will be determined by intention, education, and experience until that point, with progression through the ranks is based on performance.

  • What are Onyx Corps Benefits?

    All Onyx Corps Members have access to our mobile, 1:1, and collaborative coaching platforms - along with a variety of other technologies & tools. This ranges from providing your clients with a new text-based mobile tracking & coaching system to VR experiences, and everything in between. We provide & encourage training in all technologies, professional & academic skills, and personal wellness practices that we provide for coaches as well as their clients.
    Each coach enters into a revenue share agreement with Onyx, with tiered percentages based on rank, and many opportunities for contributing to projects & utilizing our services as well.

    An academic, personal, and professional development network
    A desire to provide lifelong strategic personal & professional wellness
    Tiered-Revenue Share, Technology, Tools, Training, and Teammates
  • How will Onyx help my clients?

    Your clients will be able to connect with your content in a whole new way through convenient, engaging, enjoyably designed tools from their phones, in virtual reality, and more. They will also experience a new level of support, rich academic & professional development content, and personal wellness metrics systems for successful habit-forming practices.

  • How will Onyx help me?

    You will instantly expand your offerings through Onyx-provided learning content & tools, access to a network of support & technologies, an innovative platform to provide your own products & services, and world-class content curation guidance & assistance.

  • How can I join?

    You can join Onyx Corps by training through our Apprenticeship program, by partnering with us through Association for established coaches, by working with us as a specialist, or by becoming an Onyx Ambassador and promoting Onyx Education 3.0 through your network to the global community.

    Clients will thrive with your efforts & ours along with a community of strategic support
    You will open up a new pathway forward for yourself & your folks - whoever that might be

Onyx Corps Benefits

Innovative Technology

First-class technology for mobile & desktop

    Mobile content cards, metrics, and coaching
    Engaging mobile to desktop courseware
    VR coworking & collaboration campus

Unique Content

Immersion & engagement like no other

    Modular content for a wide variety use cases
    A methodology founded & developed by Onyx
    A library of resources available from day one

Concierge Support

Work with Education 3.0 innovation pioneers

    Personal coaching support from Onyx Corps
    Supplementary content creation available
    Guidance and training for all technology
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