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Are you ready for a new kind of learning experience?Get started with a year of digital lifelong learning with Onyx Learner Academy.

Coming Fall 2021


Your Partner for Personal Development

  • Lifelong Learning

    Learn at your convenience with Onyx Learner Academy interactive courseware.

  • Innovative Network

    Connect with the Onyx Education network for a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

  • Accessible & Affordable

    Our year-long lifelong learning experience is truly priced for today's adult learner, without adding to your debt load.

  • Always Available Advisement

    Once you start your Onyx journey, you have a partner devoted to your personal growth ready to help along the way.


Mobile-first Digital Coaching

Learn on your time and on the go with the Onyx Black coaching and personalized learning mobile app.
You will learn about Design Thinking, Time Management, Mindfulness, Deep Work, and more one month at a time.
Each day you'll receive a coaching card to add depth and reinforcement to your learning, along with 1:1 in-app messaging with Onyx coaches.

Coming Fall 2021

12 Months of Personal Development

Welcome to Onyx Learner Academy, your gateway to a new kind of learning experience. Become a lifelong learner efficiently & effectively through daily engagement and personalized metrics to keep you on track.

Lifelong Learning

Talent Stacking



Design Thinking

Systems Thinking

Deep Work



Micellaneous 204 SOLID



Time Management

A Year of Personalized Learning for $1 per day

Monthly Payment Plan


One-Time Payment


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Get started with the key to lifelong learning with Onyx Learner Academy and Onyx Black

Coming Fall 2021